light outward and inward

light outward and inward

These days where the moon is full and bright and we all are aware of the changes coming to us and radiating outward, it is important to reflect how this light is known.
For many light is casting shadows or showing where the darkness is found or existing within our own personality or blaming another for their darkness.
We are responsible for everything we observe, more to say how we accept or let it go for what it is.
The moment we become the light we are no longer shown the shadow, because we are the one radiating light and make others see their own.
Light, radiating from inside, expanding more and more. Touching and embracing all near. 
Nature and animals. Reflections of self. Warmth. The coldness sensible can be explained by the dark thoughts trying to come inside, cast upon oneself by others, deliberate or unconscious about their negativity.
Leaving persons and situations behind.
Kindness and sensitivity are of the highest importance to live a life in expanding awareness.
Walking in the forest where miracles can happen. An angel showing  himself in body to prevent my dog being killed by a car. My gratitude is more than the words are shared in this particular moment.
Days passing by in silence, not without sound or listening to the wind in the trees and the singing bird, but the company of my Beloved.
Eastern coming closer. If not religious importance this lifetime,  definitely for my soul and embodiment.
Finding the peace and tranquility for the days to come, the planets and  their place in heaven. 
Full moon… moments where possibilities are given for change, at last.
with love to All.
Where words are transformed

Where words are transformed

Moments of sunshine, many days like summer passing by. The mind is empty, except for some memories and in this, illusionary visions of physical appearance.
Warmth is common and the light green outside is like a mirror. The pink flowers radiating everywhere. Reflections of decisions to take, or not…
Ideas or opinions given by others passing by, heard or hidden in their minds.
All is at it is meant to be, how hard reality can offer itself to be accepted.
In the years gone by hope has become a word with no meaning. Most of them are transformed into a love greater than can be shown.
The world in a dimension to change. Like we all are, some of us aware of every footstep, others just walking the same old pathways.
The little change in frequencies, the laughter sometimes felt instead of the tears in the morning. All accepted, like the lights all of a sudden going down and in a second back again.
Signs from another dimension. The realm of angels and higher beings.
The feather found on my daily walk. The message of the birds in the trees. Day after day, where time is just a routine for knowing how long the day will last.
Dreams or nightmares, some of them with clear understanding. Confirmation for something known for many years. Trust…
The happiness found in the touch invisible, the joy sensible. 
Another day closer, to what?
Being here, a reason or just Being.
Many answers can be given, the one and only makes sense:
Love and compassion to All.
Green and gold..eyes

Green and gold..eyes

The time goes fast, even when knowing time doesn’t exist. My birthday has been and the words sharing on this computer are few due to problems with my computer. Probably intensified after the 8th of april.
Wishes for another one are given to the universe.
Spring has arrived after a winter without snow, at least in this area. My dogs are happy playing and for myself the changes in family and spending my time are opportunities to change more.
The past is more than ever something in darkness and those in my heart, hoped for to return, are left.
Still some kind of disappointment for humans, giving promises, but never fulfill them.
The green colours of healing are surrounding my body and health is one thing to be grateful for and certain of.
Available energy has increased and working at home in my garden or painting the living room are giving joy.
Changes, small, but nevertheless. My own age is something I have to accept, as for my living alone. Choices are made from the heart and there are no hesitations, because of others trying to hold me back.
The birds in my garden and while walking in the forest are close and their song is too healing of a broken heart. Still!
Memories are fading away and physical is unseen.
Moments of light and expanding, the other moment tired and almost asleep. Adjusting to high levels of energy.
Spring….lovely colours and warmth. Songs of gratitude and joy for being here and knowing all has its purpose.
Peace and love, slowing down and being in nature. Life…this breath.
Around the corner of the tree

Around the corner of the tree

The month is gone in a flash of light. Relief,  the month of march is around the corner.
The last weeks spring is seen and sensible everywhere. Winter is far away and probably we have to wait till after autumn to see some snow and ice. The squirrel in the forest, the singing birds and too, my dogs in springtime temper.
Life seems to continue as usual on the outside and each moment the past shows up in the mind, it is more an illusion. How hope can be gone and all is as it is in this moment. Happiness depends on the joy in this very minute and past and future are unknown, although my sensitivity tells me otherwise.
The decision to leave certain activities behind has given me a new feeling of freedom and most of all relief. My days are quiet and my evenings more than ever.
Listening to music and to reflect on actions to take, starting something new, to feel joy and abundance as always.
The beauty in nature, the sunlight in the morning, the warmth and the smile from my dogs are worthwhile to walk on.
Many left behind and still, those still near are a purpose for continuing.
The dry paint on the walls in my living room, the wooden floor, almost ready, the flowers on the table are small, but nevertheless important,  things to enjoy this day.
The compassion for those losing the path where love is common, the signs everywhere, most of all sensible, presence is close to me, but invisible.
How love and loving is the reason to live, alone or lonely. Solitude is different from loneliness.
In companion of my guides and angels, this life is abundantly surrounded with more than physical love has brought in the past.
Openness to everything lying ahead and around the corner of the trees.
Walking  with the sound of the black woodpecker. Its cry is felt in my heart.
February already

February already

Days of freezing cold and yet left behind again. The sun is warm and the promise of spring coming closer is here. Winter not left behind, but green and singing birds are more than ever noticed.
A new year. The Chinese Year of the Wooden Horse. For myself a promise as this is my sign. There are positive signs in my life although some moments stress can be given in circumstances, more and more my heart is saying to leave behind.
Life as usual and still some feeling of something to become visible and known.
Words are not that much available, because of the silence within. My days with dogs and walking are mostly silent. The music on the radio and the birds are my only sounds at home.
Maybe life is just this….silence and peace.
Trust in each moment…
The transformation of the world and humanity going slowly, but nevertheless proceeding towards more compassion.
The blue sky, the brown branches, shades of sunlight on my desk. Melancholy for which has been and never will come again. Once again let go off.
Hope is for the moments to come, a new area of life to move and experience. 
Love will never die, even if we feel it deep inside like this. 
Peace and silence again and again….this sunday afternoon resting inside.
Knowing decisions are around the corner and almost ready to perform.
Embraces of love Divine…always
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